Search Process and Fee

Over the course of the 30 years since our establishment, we have developed a formal executive search process. We follow the same process with each and every client we serve, as this process has consistently yielded tremendously positive results.

Executive Search Process

Our executive search process consists of three steps:

  • Understanding the Client and the Position: We work closely with each client to attain an in-depth understanding of their unique business processes, practices, and needs. In collaboration with the client, we create a detailed job description for the position to be filled, which clearly defines the responsibilities of the job as well as the required skills and qualifications a prospective candidate must possess.
  • Utilizing our Network: We utilize our global, professional network to find and identify the best candidates for the position. 
  • Selecting the Right Candidate: Working in close collaboration with the client, we evaluate and assess the prospective candidates, and select the right candidate for the position.


Before undertaking an executive search assignment, we confer with the client and mutually agree upon a fair fee for the services to be rendered.  Unlike many other executive search firms, we do not have a pre-set fee structure and do not base our fee on the candidate’s income level.

Rather, we determine our fee on a case-by-case basis, depending on complexity, time, and effort required to complete a given assignment and the importance and influence of the position to be filled within the client’s organization.

This customized approach to fee determination ensures the transparency, efficiency, and quality of our services.